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Barber County

Record Book Information

Member Level Pins - Link to State Page To know which form to complete, contact the Extension Office

No Form is needed for Years of Membership Seals.  However, members must complete the following:

  1. Personal Page
  2. 4-H Story
  3. Permanent Records Updated
  4. Attend at least half of Community Club Meetings

Junior County Champion Application Form (Under Review)

Senior County Champion Application Form (Under Review)

Record Book Requirements for a Completed Record Book

- Record Book MUST be complete to receive Achievement Pins, Year Seals or County Champions

  1. Personal Page - in MS Word
  2. 4-H Story
  3. Updated Permanent Records in MS Word (These should be added to each year, not started over)
  4. Record Sheets for Each Project Enrolled in on May 1.
  • If you did not complete a project, you must still complete the record sheet and list why you did not complete the project. 
  • Writing "did not complete" will not be considered accurate. 
  • Include several sentences to explain what happened and what your goals were. 

General Record Sheet & Animal Record Sheet

  • At the November 2021 4-H Council meeting, it was voted to move to the forms that Kansas 4-H provides.  These Project Report forms are available at https://www.kansas4-h.org/resources/awards-and-recognition/ProjectRecognition.html
  • Monthly suggestions for completing them will be in the 4-H News Updates starting in December 2021.  
  • Face to face training will be held to help everybody make the switch.
  • 4-H Council also decided to move to 3 age groups for Record Book Judging.  Please use the form for your age as of January 1. 
4-H Record Book Cover