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Barber County

Upcoming Dates

September 10 - 19 - Kansas State Fair

September 16 - Kansas 4-H State Horse Show

September 27 - 4-H Council

September 27 - Record Books Screening by Club Leaders

October 1 - New 4-H year begins

October 9 - Officer Training

October 9 - Photography- Shutterbugs at Big Creek

October 9-10 - 48 Hours of 4-H

November 6 - Photography- Shutterbugs at Old Jefferson Town

November 13 - 4-H Achievement Banquet @ Gyp Hills Guest Ranch

December 1 - Returning 4-H Member Enrollement Deadline to show at Fair

Complete a Record Book in 10 Days

Have you not started on your Record Book?  Here is a method for completing a Record Book in just 10 days.  

**The Senior County Application Forms we have used are no longer available.  For 2021, Seniors will use the same format as the Juniors.  The Cover Sheet is available on the Record Book Page.  

State Fair Results

Congratulations to the Crops Judging Team!  All results are available online.  

Kansas 4-H Volunteer Project Leader Training Series

Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2021 Kansas 4-H Fall Volunteer Project Leader Training Series.

Officer Training

Officer Training will be held Ocotber 9, 2021 at Medicine Lodge High School.

New 4-H Year Begins October 1

September is the perfect time for visiting a 4-H club if you are thinking about joining. New members may join at anytime, but must be enrolled by May 1st to exhibit in the 4-H division at the Barber County Fair.   

4-H Council Meeting

The next 4-H Council Meeting is on Monday, September 27, 2021, 7:00 P.M. at the Peoples Bank Sunflower Room.

Record Books Due September 27

Record Books must be turned into your Club Leaders.  They will be screened following the 4-H Council Meeting on Septmber 27.  If you need pages, think something is missing, or have questions, feel free to contact the Extension Office.  You can find forms and checklists on the BARBER COUNTY SITE.  Do not use the Kansas 4-H State Site.  

Record books due Sept 27

Reporter's Corner

All Club Reporter's Notes can be published in this section of the Online News.  To be published, the notes should be sent to jsrucker@ksu.edu by the 20th of each month.