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Barber County

Achievement Celebration

The year 2020 has been a year of obstacles, frustrations, and a lot of change.  Despite everything, we all adapted to the change and finished the 2019-2020 4-H year with our heads held high and hopes for a brighter future.  We here at the Extension Office are proud of all of our members, leaders, volunteers, and friends for the perseverance you all have shown over the course of the 4-H year.  Although we were unable to hold an in person Achievement Banquet, we are delighted to celebrate all of your achievements over the year.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being patient with us through this ever changing year and thank you for all of the help you have given us.  Without you, we could not make 4-H possible.   

The video compiled by the office is available at:  http://bit.ly/20BAAC  We are aware of omissions.  None of this was intentional.  Please forgive our mistakes.  Please do let us know if you are missing something in the club packet.  

The Friends of 4-H Awards were presented to Anthony Co-Op, and Redland Vet presented by Belle Burden.  The 4-H Alumni Awards were presented to Jerry McNamar by Sterling Rector, and Sierra Cargill by Carson Cargill. 

The Key Award is the highest level of achievement through the Kansas 4-H.  Members must exhibit leadership, citizenship and learning over multiple years to be eligible for this award.  This year’s recipient is Takira Blick. 

We also recognized our Senior County Champion for 2020.  To win this award, members must submit a 10-page application.  This year Senior County Champion was presented to: 

Rhyan Marshall - Champion Leadership. 

Junior Champions were presented to:

Callen Corr - Champion Breeding Beef, Bucket Calf, Foods & Nutrition, Plant Science and Visual Arts

Jancey Goodno - Honorable Mention Champion Breeding Beef

Janda Goodno - Honorable Mention Foods & Nutrition

Keagan McMurray - Champion Market Beef, and Arts & Crafts

We had a total of 38 books turned in this year and these were the story winners in each division:


1st –  Rhyan Marshall

2nd – Takira Blick

3rd – Easton Rector


1st – Kooper Wesley

2nd – Madisyn Day

3rd – Callen Corr

Champion Notebooks were presented to:

 Secretary’s Book       Champion – Cloverleaf – Nora Gugelmeyer
                                Honorable Mention – Stateline – Chloe Blunk
 Treasurer’s Book       Champion – Stampede –Madisyn Day
                                Honorable Mention – Sunflower –Rhyan Marshall
 Reporter’s Book        Champion – Stateline – Keagan McMurray
                                Honorable Mention – Stampede- Kooper Wesley
 Historian’s Book        Champion – Cloverleaf 4-H Club

 Club Seals were presented to: 

        Cloverleaf 4-H Club – Purple
        Stampede 4-H Club – Purple
        Stateline 4-H Club – Purple
        Sunflower 4-H Club – Purple

Membership Seals were presented as follows:

First Year Certificate and Membership Pin

Boyd Banks                Trilbey Dorsey            Maverick Strait           Jemma Whitebread

Kenadie Doman          Dyson Inman              Fiona Walz

Second Year Seal

         Callen Corr                 Jancey Goodno           Breckyn Hiltner          Chloe Whitaker

         Taylor Foster              Janda Goodno             Cara Whitaker

Third Year Seal

         Vonda Landwehr        Cambridge Rector      Kenli Rucker              Beau Wesley

         Keagan McMurray     Kayla Rucker              Abby Schreiner

Fourth Year Seal

         Madisyn Day

Fifth Year Seal

         Cort Blunk                  Jack Schreiner

         Garen Cantrell            Kooper Wesley

Sixth Year Seal

         Belle Burden  

         Hudson Rector

Seventh Year Seal

         Nora Gugelmeyer

 Eighth Year Seal

         Jessica Jahay

 Ninth Year Seal

         Takira Blick                           

         Rhyan Marshall

         Easton Rector

 Tenth Year Seal

         Grace Cantrell           

         Sterling Rector

 Eleventh Year Seal

         Chloe Blunk               

Allie Hoch

Achievement Awards were presented to the following:

Membership Achievement Award

         Boyd Banks                Trilbey Dorsey            Fiona Walz

         Kenadie Doman          Dyson Inman              Jemma Whitebread

 Bronze Achievement Award

         Callen Corr                 Janda Goodno             Vonda Landwehr        Chloe Whitaker

         Jancey Goodno           Breckyn Hiltner          Cara Whitaker

 Clover Achievement Award

         Madisyn Day              Cambridge Rector      Kenli Rucker

         Keagan McMurray     Kayla Rucker              Beau Wesley

 Silver Achievement Award

         Cort Blunk

         Garen Cantrell

 Silver Guard Achievement Award

         Belle Burden

         Hudson Rector

 Gold Guard Achievement Award

         Takira Blick                Rhyan Marshall

         Grace Cantrell 

We would like extend a special CONGRATULATIONS to Sue Marshall for 45 years as a leader, and 35 years as a Club leader.  She has had the joy of being Leader of the Sunflower 4-H Club while her sons and grandchildren are members.  Sue has earned a Clover pin with an Emerald for her dedication to 4-H.  Thank you for your dedication, Sue!  

We also want to congratulate Julie Blunk, Julie Jahay, and Connie Rooks for earning their 10 years Leadership Pin as well as, Amanda Corr, Dacya Doman, Kristi Patton, Heather Smith, and Lisa Withrow for earning their 5 years Leadership Pins.  Thank you for all of your support, ladies!           

Congratulations to all of our Leaders and Members on a successful 4-H year!