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Barber County


Upcoming Dates

Enrolling Date for Returning Members - December 1

Barber County Fair Annual Meeting - December 3

Heart of Kansas Camp - June 21-24

Barber County Fair - July 22-25

Drop and Project Deadline - May 1

Achievement Celebration

Let's celebrate this year's achievements!  Click here to see a list of awards for the 2019-2020 4-H year.

4-H Council

4-H Council has been rescheduled for November 30, 2020.  Click here for the Zoom link.

Officer's Training

Did you miss Online Officer Training?  This article includes a link to the videos provided by the State 4-H website.  This year, it will count as the officer training for the Club Seal.

Club Leader's Meeting

This meeting will be on November 23 at 7:00 P.M. on Zoom.  This will be to discuss changing to the new Project Record Sheets.  The 4-H PDC is also invited to this meeting.


Enrollment information can be found by clicking on this link. Remember, that if your club is paying for all members, we need that before we can approve members.  This money must be sent directly to Manhattan.  Returning members need to be enrolled by December 1.  As long as they have submitted, we will count it since this is the first year for us to need the payment in advance.  

Project Records

Check out the New Project Record Sheets the state is using to replace the KAPs.  We used the KAPs for Senior Champions only.  You can reply to the survey link to share how you think the Project Record Sheets should be used.  

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is provided by the State 4-H Program for all enrolled 4-H Members and Leaders approved by the Extension Board.  Learn more in this article.