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Barber County

48 Hours of 4-H

We hope every Extension Unit will join us this fall in seeing just how much we can give back to our communities! Invite your friends, clubs, adult volunteers, potential 4-H members and 4-H Alums too! 

When: October 10-11, 2020

Who: 4-H Members, 4-H Clubs, Friends, Adult Volunteers, Parents, 4-H Alumni

It's time to make plans for your club to participate. Check out the website for a helpful guide, and to register your projects(s). The guide mentions ordering T-Shirts, but those are not available for 2020.

Remember whatever project (s) you or your group chooses, you must follow all local health and Kansas 4-H guidelines relating to COVID-19, including masks, social distancing, proper cleaning, limits on crowds etc. If you have questions, please contact your local extension agent.