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Barber County

New 4-H Year Begins October 1

October 1 is the start of the new 4-H Year.  With this comes a flurry of activities and questions.  Here are a few of the events to be planning for in the next few weeks.   

  • National 4-H Week is October 4-10.  We do not have a county-wide activity planned.  T
  • Enrollment in the New 4-H Year opens on October 1.  Please be patient because the  4-H online system is closed now to allow us to finish reports for this year and be ready to start the next year.  Remember, returning members must enroll by December 1 to be able to show at the Fair.  Family Guides for Enrolling are available on the State 4-H Site.  
  • Volunteer Renewals start on October 1.  The 4-H Online system has been updated for you to renew online. New leaders are always welcome and can begin by filling out enrollment in 4-H Online.
  • New this year, Clubs can purchase Coupon Codes to give members to enter when they enroll.  If you know your club will be paying the program fee, but do not have a coupon code, please click pay by check.  Our office can enter Coupon Codes after you have enrolled.  For more on Coupon Codes see the resource on the State 4-H Site.

As we go through all of these annual 4-H events, please remember that new members are experiencing some of them for the first time.  Try to allow time for questions or explain what everything means a couple of times so everybody can learn more about the 4-H Program.