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Barber County

Fixing Funky Foods

  • Slides
    • This PowerPoint uses hyperlinks to allow you to jump to the foods you want to present on by using the small images at the bottom.  
    • The FFF in the left hand corner will take you to the slide with the 4 categories.
    • There is a white box behind the K-State Wordmark on the slide show.  Click on this to go to the Questions Slide at any time.
    • Present using the "Use Presenter View" in the Slide Show Toolbar to be able to see notes during the presentation.  Or you can print the slides with notes to speak from.  
  • Recipe Handout (USDA Mixing Bowl PDF)
  • Tomatillo Green Salsa (National Center for Home Food Preservation Link)
  • Fact Sheet (Link)
  • Leader's Guide (Link)
  • Evaluation included in the Leader's Guide.  If not using the PEARS system, please mail to Robin Eubank-Callis, Barber County Extension Office, 118 E Washington, Medicine Lodge, KS  67104

NEAFCS Handout