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Barber County

Club Days Details 

On April 10, 2021, at the South Barber High School starting at 9:00 A.M. for in person participation.  All guidelines for safety that are current at the time will be followed.  These could include mask wearing, social distancing and limiting the number of people in the rooms.  This will be announced in the April News Updates. 

For those members who would like to submit a virtual presentation in place of attending on April 10, this is available.  Videos of presentations will need to be uploaded to a google drive by April 6.  Instructions are included below. 

Sign up forms will be mailed to club leaders the first of March.  These forms are due back to the Extension Office on March 29.  This year, you will need to select if you will be in person or virtual for each event. 

The virtual option can be selected if a member has conflicting activities for the date.  A club or group may record their event if that will allow more members to participate.  Keep in mind you will need to record the event in a way the judge can see everything they need to provide proper feedback. 

To submit a virtual presentation, record the video on a camera or phone.  Make sure the angle show the finger movements in a piano solo or the full stage area in a club skit.  Also, make sure that the sound worked during the recording.  For the materials for the judge such as copy of reading or sheet music, create a PDF and upload it with the video.  The office can help scan and upload the required pages. 

Once you have the video and any required pages for the judge, upload these files to the google drive at http://bit.ly/ClubDay2021.  If you have a problem, please contact the Extension Office at 620-886-3971 or Robin at reubank@ksu.edu or Justin at jgoodno@ksu.edu

Videos will be judged the same day as live events.  They will be eligible for Top Blue.  The office will provide comment pages for all of the events.  The comments and ribbons will be returned to club leaders to hand out to club members.  This year, there will be cookies and water provided for no charge.  Clubs will not need to work the concession stand area.  For 2021, there is not a Regional Club event. 

Club Day Guidelines Book